“In Strange Woods” Is Amazing

(Musical Podcast) Go listen to it right now.

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Jeff Luppino-Esposito and Matthew Savarese have always inspired me with their genius, creativity, and endless hard work. While working on The Online Musical during our 4th year at UVA, they never slept. Mat also opened a recording studio in Fairfax, which is very impressive. Their Nickelodeon pilot Hall Stars is awesome.

After years of incredible persistence, Jeff and Matt have launched the first episode of their musical podcast, In Strange Woods! Their cast includes Tony-winner Beth Leavel, Tony-nominee Patrick Page, Donna Lynne Champlin from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Michaela Watkins from Casual, and so many more wonderfully talented people. The quality is incredible, and new episodes premiere every Monday for the next four weeks

Here’s the Apple Podcast link, or check out Audioboom for other platforms. After listening, see if you can go a day without randomly bursting into “Come and find me!”

See In Strange Woods featured at The New York Times!

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