Indeed, that’s very true on the need for concrete examples. The problem I had is that when this paper was closer to a book, nobody would read it, so I shorted it down to a long paper. However, I kept the parts I cut for “additions” to the paper that I will include in the appendix of the book that will go into detail on the concerns you’ve listed here. I’m editing the entire work right now, and will be sure to post those additions when they are ready. I should have already had them up, so forgive me for that.

The problem I had when I included concrete examples of say The Cultural Revolution or religious communes, I then had people want me to defend my interpretations of those historic events, which is completely understandable, but that lead to making new claims that had to be defended, and then more claims…on and on until I had a book. Which is great! But then people don’t want to read long things…such a dilemma…

I really appreciate your willingness to read this paper. It means a lot.

UNO Prize Finalist. Pushcart Nominee. Write Launch. Iowa Review. Allegory Ridge. Streetlight. Ponder. Pidgeonholes. W&M Review. Poydras. Toho.

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