An Audio Series

O.G. Rose Conversations

New Episodes Every Friday at 10AM

Michelle and Daniel, the wife and husband behind O.G. Rose, discuss writings, inspirations, and ideas. Check-in on Fridays at 10AM for new episodes! Their work can be found on Amazon and their personal website.

O.G. Rose has explored topics like the connection between aesthetics and ethics, the connection between feeling at home and speaking in a native language, scapegoating to maintain the myth of “autonomous rationality,” and how “metatalks” are good for relationships. O.G. Rose had Thomas Jockin recently, and hope to do more episodes like it soon.

All thoughts, comments, and ideas welcome!



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O.G. Rose

Iowa. Broken Pencil. Allegory. Write Launch. Ponder. Pidgeonholes. W&M. Poydras. Toho. ellipsis. O:JA&L. West Trade. UNO. Pushcart.