A Weekly Discussion

The Net

Let’s See What We Catch

“The Net” is a Thursday discussion with creators and thinkers online. “Let’s see what we catch” is to suggest both the improvisational nature of these discussions and the fact that we never know who is going to show up. There is no plan for these discussions beyond very open questions, and ultimately we have a “coffee house”-vibe in mind.

“In the spirit of eunoia,” the second subtitle, is meant to honor an organization O.G. Rose was part of between 2008 and 2014 in Charlottesville Virginia, though “The Net” has no official affiliation with that organization now. “Eunoia” can be loosely translated as “beautiful thinking,” a phrase we have always loved, for it recalls the three infinites — the good, the true, and the beautiful. We included the second subtitle to honor that creative community which was so formative and meaningful to us.

Below is a list of the first ten discussions, all of which can be found here.

The Net (1): Signification Without Distinction, Music, Duration, and Quality

The Net (2): Kafka in the Hermeneutical Circle, Seeking You

The Net (3): Moving With Hegel’s Reason To Avoid Black Mirror and the Illusion of the Circus

The Net (4): Entanglement, Zoom Art, and Changing Direction in a Little Fable of Girard’s Apocalypse

The Net (5): TikTok Epistemics, Visual Literary, Fluent Action, and “Philosophy, Science, or Story?”

The Net (S.6): What Lofi Says About Us and Essential Creativity With(out) a Creator/Creation

The Net (7): Becoming-Child w/ The Wilhelms, Literary-Structure, Philosophy-Theme, and “And” to “/”

The Net (8): Squeezing Up Continuity and Releasing Down the Discreet So Sharks See “Rest” Swimmingly

The Net (9): Idea-Material Conditions (Non)development, Meta-Crisis Paradox, and Spreading the Call

The Net (10): The Iconoclast, Intersupposition, “Master, Mastered, or Mastery,” and the Real Choice




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