(titles belong in parentheses)

O.G. Rose
1 min readMar 29, 2024

A Poem by O.G. Rose

Photo by Alexander Ant

titles belong in parentheses
of an emotion or moment
that can move through you
by no other name,

and every sentence
needs to apologize for lacking hyphens
between its insides, suggesting distinctions
improve clarity of outer-space,

and no words should be capitalized
to avoid suggesting they are the start of something
versus life-overs you can only study
and lick your lips,

and there should only be commas,
because if you name something that ends
you’ve mistaken cessation with a catching
of breath,

and since words are about staying alive,
what can be said about “and”
that would not leave more to be said,
and no place where the saying began

(in other words, why not start with words
that leave no disconnect,
and you be the question mark
which never ends a sentence)?




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